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Pole 102

Pole 102 is our “Inversion Prep” for those who have been taking Pole 101 and/or Pole Virgin courses at Studio Botan for some time. Students in this class can climb up 14 foot poles comfortably multiple times per class and are getting ready to learn a basic inversion. You need the instructor’s permission to take this class.


Handstand and Flexibility

Want to work on your handstand and flexibility? Being a graceful and beautiful pole dancer requires a good body awareness with strong handstands and flexibility. In this class, you will spend 60 min focusing on improving your handstands and flexibility. This class is open to all levels.


Open Pole Play

This is NOT a class. During open pole play, you can come and play/practice on your own or with your friends the moves you are working on or simply to have fun!



Class Descriptions

Pole 101 – If you have never done pole or are just starting to pole, this is the class to take! We learn the basics of pole dancing in this class from walking around the pole, basic spins, and tricks. At the end of each class, you will learn a simple choreographed dance using what you learned on that day.

Pole 102 - “Inversion Prep”: Pole 102 is for those who have been taking Pole 101 and/or Pole Virgin courses at Studio Botan for some time. Students in this class can climb up poles comfortably and have learned a basic inversion. You have to have the instructor’s permission to progress to this level.

Pole 201 -Pole 201 is designed for those who have a good amount of pole experiences. You have to be comfortable climbing up 14 foot poles, invert, and can hold plank pose. We will learn basic pole tricks such as superman, butterfly, and shoulder mount in this class. You have to have our instructor’s permission to join this class.

Pole 301 – This is our most advanced class at our studio. You have to complete our Pole 201 to join this class. Before coming to this class, you should be able to invert up in the air and comfortably do shoulder mounts and other Pole 201 tricks. In this class, we work on more advanced pole tricks and transitions.

Pilates Mat - This Pilates mat class uses small props and the pole to focus on building the deep core strength necessary to move around the pole gracefully and with control. This is a fantastic class for rehabbing past injuries and building the strength to prevent future injuries.

Mini Courses *minimum 3 students per class/maximum 5 students per class.

Our 6 week mini courses are the perfect opportunity to take your pole fitness and dance skills to the next level. You will receive individualized instruction and feedback while growing and having fun with your classmates! In addition to developing strength and techniques appropriate for your level of experience, the longitudinal format of the courses allows emphasis on true dance training and choreography.

Pole Virgin I – This course is suitable for pole beginners who have never tried pole or have a little or some experience but want to build proper basic skills. At the end of 6 weeks, you will master a baseline repertoire of simple spins, pole climbing, and a few combinations. You will also develop strength and flexibility that will serve as a foundation for more advanced moves. Those who are taking Pole 101 should be in this course.

Pole Virgin II - This course is suitable for those who have taken Pole 101 for some time and have done Pole Virgin before. You can climb up the pole, but are building up strength and skills to climb all way up the 14 foot poles. Those of you who are getting ready to move to Pole 102  should take this mini course.

Butterfly I - This course is suitable for those who have taken Pole 101 classes and/or Pole Virgin mini courses for some time and getting ready to move to Pole 102 and/or are already taking Pole 102 and are preparing to learn basic inversions. You should be able to climb up the 14 foot poles easily and know basic spins from Pole 101 to take this mini course.  The aim of the course is for you to start learning the basic inversions and be able to connect more pole tricks up in the air with grace.

Butterfly II – This course is suitable for those who have mastered basic inversions and are getting ready to work on aerial inversions and more advanced tricks.  Those of you who are in level Pole 201 are suitable for this course. In this course, you also work on shoulder mount and more advanced pole tricks and smooth transitions.

Pole Angel – This course is suitable for those who are comfortable with aerial inversions and are ready to work on aerial shoulder mount. This course is for those who are taking Pole 201 and 301 at the studio. You will learn more advanced pole tricks, and very importantly, work on transitions that allow for smooth flow between movements. The objective of this course is to transform you into a dancer on and off the pole.

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* 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all the classes provided at the studio. (Please see the private party page for private party exception.)

* Classes have a minimum enrollment in order to take place. If a class does not reach the minimum, it will be cancelled and you will be notified by email. You will not be charged for the cancelled class.

*After 15 minutes into your class, you will not be allowed to participate in class due to safety reasons. We finish warm-up in the first 15 minutes, so please arrive early.

* “Pole Virgin”, “Pole Butterfly” and “Pole Angel” are 6 weeks mini courses. You have to commit all 6 weeks, no drop-in classes.

*For those who have purchased online deals, please contact us for reservations with your deal number ready at studiobotanSF@gmail.com